Everything you need to know before an E-Bike Tour

One of the best ways to explore the authenticity of the Portuguese mountains is undoubtedly by bike. The bicycle gives you the autonomy and the pleasure to explore less urbanized places where you will find hidden landscapes and typical mountain villages. However, the idea of ​​cycling in mountainous areas with great downhills can be a big obstacle due to the effort that is expected to feel.

Our solution is to make use of our E-Bikes that bring you all the experience of mountain biking, but with a considerably lower level of effort.

E-Bikes amplify the best of mountain bikes where you can discover the fluidity of energy and enjoy the best mountain trails with more comfort, less effort and more fun.

In this article, we present the most important points to keep in mind before your e-bike tour:


The e-bike only helps you, it doesn't do the work for you

Despite facilitating the entire experience of pedaling in areas of great downhills and which naturally required a lot of effort, the E-Bikes continues to require some physical effort on your part. As you pedal, the engine helps to reduce the effort, thus providing a unique experience of more adventure, more distance, and more speed.

Depending on the demands of the route, you can choose which mode best suits your level of effort. If you're driving on a flat surface, you can keep the engine in the lightest mode, but when you're faced with a steep climb, you'll feel the need to switch to turbo mode for more assistance.


Bring proper equipment

Since it is an experience that, despite being easier, will still require some effort and mobility, we always recommend you bring practical clothes. For example, comfortable sneakers, sweatpants/shorts, a t-shirt, and a jacket for colder days.

Depending on the saddle on the bike, as you will spend some time seated, you can opt for padded shorts/trousers, especially for cyclists. At Tobogã – Portugal Adventure Tours, all the bikes have been adapted with gel saddles to provide more comfort during the electric mountain bike ride.

Equipment that guarantees your safety such as a helmet and gloves is essential and don't forget to take some water and snacks with you, so you don't lose energy.


Plan your itinerary

Before venturing out on an E-Bikes tour, especially in the mountains, you should plan your route well. You can use some applications to find routes that have been predefined and traveled previously, thus giving you some security. However, we recommend that you always do a little research on the sites you will visit and adjust to your abilities.

If you have the chance, ask local people for advice on the most beautiful routes in that area to get the most out of your adventure.

Here you can find routes designed especially for E-Bikes rides in the Peneda Gerês National Park. These percussions can be adapted to your taste and the abilities of the group. Contact us for more information.


Prevent possible  events

In outdoor activities there is always the possibility of some unforeseen occurrence. The secret is to prepare as well as possible so that your tour goes well!

We recommend that you always carry a first-aid kit with you in case you fall, always be prepared to deal with minor injuries.

In mountain situations, it is very common for a flat tire or have a problem with the chain, for example. For these situations, take a repair kit with you, with tube repair material, or even a spare tube and a pump to re-inflate the tire.


You should also plan your transfers very well and notify a person you trust to be prepared if you need any extra help.

When you choose to take this tour with local companies, these worries disappear. When taking a guided or self-guided tour with Tobogã – Portugal Adventure Tours, we ensure any necessary support with bicycles, transfers, and your safety.


If you want to experience an electric bike tour in Portugal, we recommend that you do it in the Peneda Gerês National Park, about 1 hour from Porto. You will certainly be enchanted by the lush landscapes in shades of green, the waterfalls and lagoons formed by pure and crystalline water, the typical mountain villages and the most diverse culturally historic places in the Peneda Gerês National Park.

You can rent an E-Bikes or book a tour with qualified and local guides to Tobogã – Portugal Adventure Tours, for a more complete and safer experience. Here you can find all the tours that you can do with or without a guide, in self-guided mode with access to the route via the GPS.

 If you want more information about this type of tour, contact us and book your adventure now.


This article was developed under the QualMinho@PME Project, funded by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and EU FEDER

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