5 Benefits of Canyoning

If you don't already know, canyoning is an extreme activity that consists of exploring and descending the bed of a river or stream in mountain valleys using a variety of rope techniques that can involve walking in rough terrain, abseiling, jumps (which can be optional) and swimming. You can learn more about canyoning here.

If you are looking for an aquatic experience rich in strong emotions in full contact with nature, canyoning is the ideal activity for you. Depending on the chosen river, canyoning usually involves moments of strong adrenaline while rappelling down a waterfall, practicing slides or simply facing beautiful landscapes that would otherwise be difficult to access areas.

Like many sports, canyoning has numerous benefits for our physical and mental health. In this article, we present 5 of these benefits:

1. Pure contact with nature

When you practice canyoning, you will find yourself completely surrounded by huge and imposing granite mountains, beautiful waterfalls that form lagoons of crystal-clear water and untouched forests full of wild animal life that make you disconnect from the city world and everyday routines. Being surrounded by nature brings several health benefits such as reduced stress and increased energy.

2. Discover unique hard-to-reach places

Givin the great need to use rope maneuvers and techniques for the descent of the rivers, when practicing canyoning you will discover unique, breathtaking places that are only reached as you progressively descend the river, getting to know it in all its splendor, discovering its waterfalls, lagoons and stunning landscapes that otherwise would not be possible.

3. Very complete sport

As you can imagine, although the activity can be adapted to each group depending on the chosen river, canyoning is still a physically demanding activity. Despite being the guide to assemble the maneuvers, going down a river in rough terrain requires walking, swimming, mobility and some climbing that helped him exercise muscles and maintain good physical condition.

 4. Adrenaline to the fullest

On a canyoning descent, adrenaline is a hormone that is constantly present in our body, and this is one of the most effective natural antidepressants. When you encounter an obstacle like a 10-meter jump, or a rappel along a waterfall, we have an adrenaline rush that doesn't let you think about anything else but the present moment. Adrenaline helps you to let everyday problems out of the river and release our negative thoughts. You will feel a constant adrenaline rush with this experience!

 5. Unique moments of fun with family and friends.

With the right accompaniment, this activity can be accessible to anyone and groups with different abilities, thus providing moments of leisure and fun that they will surely remember later. This activity, practiced in a group, helps to develop team spirit, self-confidence, leadership and responsibility, helping you to strengthen ties with your groups.


As an outdoor sport, there is always an associated risk. However, the accompaniment by guides who know the river and the maneuvers to be used will help to lower the risk and provide a unique and fun canyoning experience. If your concern is safety, all these types of sports have specialized companies working to guarantee you the best experience.

Tobogã has in its range rivers that offer excellent conditions to apply a wide variety of maneuvers, from jumps to deep lagoons, slides and abseiling, always accompanied by specialized guides, while having clean and easier access.

If you want to have the best canyoning adventure book your canyoning tour with Tobogã now. You can also like our Facebook page and see our customers' opinions on TripAdvisor.


This article was developed under the QualMinho@PME Project, funded by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and EU FEDER

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