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Why us?

As you're planning your adventure trip to Portugal, you're sure to find dozens of operators spanning our country. Why should you choose to travel and have experiences with Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours?

In addition to our recognition by TripAdvisor with the “Certificate of Excellence” 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 our inclusive experiences have also been also recognized by the Tourism of Portugal as a good practice.

Why? For more than a decade, a notorious and experienced team have been hand-crafting experiences of a lifetime for people just like you: People who love nature and the outdoors, the ones who have a passion for travel and a bucket list of exciting adventure vacations. Getting you into the most beautiful locations on Portugal, under your own steam, is what our experiences are all about and at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you’ve taken many adventure trips, or you’re tying up your laces for the first time, we’ve got just the adventure waiting for you.

Here are just a few additional reasons why Tobogã is the first choice in pure Nature and Adventure Travel in the North of Portugal.

Knowledge lowers the risk

Proper nature and adventure experiences requires the right preparation, skills and know-how. We don’t do everything, but what we do – we do well. That’s us!

Small Groups

The best way to Discover Portugal:  Our wilderness trips are limited and have a guest to guide ratio of 7:1 for canyoning tours in order to assure you of our commitment to risk management and safe operations.

Easy & Paper Free Online Reservations

Your time is precious, and part of choosing the right vacation is selecting a a company who appreciates the value of that hard-earned time.  Our on-line system allows you to easily register and book on-line - all online and 100% paper free!

Our guides are locals with local attitud

Tobogã is extremely popular at our camp ground. If you know where to go, when and how to do it – it becomes an unforgettable experience. We’re locals who can help you.

Allow our passion to become your purpose

We love what we do and we want to share our passion with our guests. You'll experience exceptional hospitality and personal attention to detail with our passionate and professional guides, dedicated to sharing the best parts of their experiences.That’s the spirit of our Tobogã TEAM.

Who are we?

Tobogã - Sports, Adventure and Leisure, Ltd. was born in 2005, in order to enable its founders and friends, to work on their election nature sport - canyoning - and simultaneously disseminate it, giving the chance and pleasure of this practice to the highest number of people who like Sports, Adventure and Nature, concepts also included on the name of our company name.

The name "Tobogã" as a company comes from a technical progression of this sport. It is a natural water slide, as you can check on our website and there are various sizes and difficulties. The Tobogã - Sport, Adventure and Leisure, Ltd. is a touristic animation company, specializing in Canyoning, with permit RNAAT No. 50/2007 of the Portugal Tourism Institute.

It also has recognition as a company that develops tourism activities in nature, and thus can operate in protected areas such as Peneda Geres National Park, which allows you to perform descents in the most beautiful rivers of Portugal.

By the nature and objectives of our activities is our intention to do a good work, with quality and customer service and not just performing another activity.

We have core values as the security, integrity and excellence.

Based on these assumptions, in 2008 Tobogã acquires training in CIC (International Canyoning Commission) becoming the first and the only company with Professional and International Canyoning Guides, operating in Portugal.

A course of 25 days of intensive learning and practice of the most updated and evolved techniques of the world. Module I and II, held in Brazil with a duration of 15 days, 12 hours a day and in 2009, the module III, the last of this course, for 10 long days between southern France and Switzerland. Thus, the Tobogã has specialized guides in Canyoning, allowing them to reap the full potential that a canyoning can offer. We also develops a wide range of activities with partner companies.

The Tobogã operates in several areas of the country (Viana do Castelo, Viseu, Arouca, etc..) and the rest of the World.

Their activities have however a special focus on the north of Portugal, Minho and in particular in the Peneda-Geres National Park. These zones are abundant in places for canyoning practice, also allowing a glimpse of the historical centers of medieval routes and scenic beauty of the premises where the activities are performed.

Simultaneously and due to the gap in Portugal in terms of the material canyoning, Tobogã created a store specialized in canyoning, a pioneer in Portugal, being the only shop specialized in this sport, in response to requests from the market and practicing canyoning, and importer several brands with credits provided between practitioners canyoning, such as: 5.10; Austrialpin, Trangoworld, Korda's, Artistic, Aventure Verticale, etc.

Tobogã Team

Tobogã Team (TT), is made up of Tobogã canyoning guides, and it is a team that as core values have a spirit of team and mutual help, and that strives for excellence and professionalism. For this family group, guiding canyoning is more than a task, it's a way of life!

It is currently comprised of 26 elements from a wide range of areas, with canyoning guides from the International Canyoning Commission (CIC), technicians and supervisors from the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), trainers from the International Adventure Park Association (IAPA) climbing and rescue technicians from, among others, Rescue Groups and Firefighters. Although the origin of all these guides is diverse, as far as the canyoning the homogeneity is a constant always present.

To be able to qualify and join this team, one of the requirements is to pass with distinction throw the instruction process, whose team of trainers are CIC Canyoning Guides. It is an intensive training of 100 hours distributed over 10 days that requires a previous mastery of the modality and inside on two main themes: whitewater and rope techniques, under the context of group driving. This is the first phase of a TT guide.

In order to access the second stage of training, the 90-hour TT Canyoning Guide course distributed over 9 days requires the candidate to undergo a practical one-year internship with the application of knowledge in real driving situations for groups in canyoning.

In practical terms, these instruction phases are reflected in several aspects from the simple minimization of times within the river, teamwork dynamics and, above all, prevention. This team is empowered not only to give immediate response to almost all incidents and accidents that may occur within a canyon but most of all, to anticipate them!

Apart from these courses, the team meets, regularly and in a formal training context, to update procedures or techniques, as these are constantly evolving. Participation in formations in other areas (rescue, rescue, water activities, meteorology, etc.) is also regulated with the objective not only of knowing other perspectives and other realities but also of enriching the range of knowledge that can complement the aspects that involve a canyoning activity.

All this requirement inherent to the Tobogã Team aims to provide our customers with a distinct service and an unforgettable experience where they will always be accompanied by properly trained, competent personnel who have undergone a rigorous and intense selection process.

This is Tobogã Team, a team that persuits safety, excellence and responsibility!



The Tobogã in constant search of new training experiences that can serve as capital gains for their activities fitted its personal with training in IAPA - nternational Adventure Park Association, the largest and most recognized association of dventure parks.


The Tobogã in constant search of new training experiences that can serve as capital gains for their activities fitted its personal with training in IRATA - International Rope Access Trade Association, the largest association of professional work at heights.


In relentless pursuit of the most inaccessible places and most beautiful, the Tobogã obtained recognition from the Tourism of Portugal, and from the Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity - ICNB, I. P. and was recognized as a company to carry out activities of Tourism and Nature, capable of performing in hazardous areas or with other natural values that are recognized as such by ICNB, I. P.


The Tobogã, under current legislation, have the registration as a touristic entertainment company assigned by ITP - Institute of Tourism of Portugal with the license number RNAAT n. º 50/2007.



The Tobogã, while sector company of tourist activities, notes how important participation in the sector by associative structures that are part of this association representing the industry.


In the endless quest for more and better answers to their customers, the Tobogã acquires training in CIC - International Canyoning Commission.


Since 2019, with the creation of International Canyoning Academy (ICA), all of our guides are recognized by ICA and many of them are instructors in this association, which already includes professional guides from various countries and continents


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