Peneda Gerês National Park in Autumn

The Peneda Gerês National Park is well known for its beautiful waterfalls and natural pools of pure and crystal water hidden in the corners of the park, which are ideal to escape the routine and dive into the water in the summertime. However, we can say that autumn in Gerês brings a special charm that many are unaware of, either by its wonderful colors, magnificent waterfalls with abundant flow or typical mountain villages, there are several ways to discover the park even in autumn.

We leave below some reasons to know and enjoy the Peneda Gerês National Park in autumn:

No crowds

If you don't like being in the crowd, visiting Gerês in autumn is the best solution for you! Due to the rainy and cold weather, as it is an open-air area, in autumn the Peneda Gerês National Park is not very crowded, so you can go to the most touristic spots in the park and enjoy nature in a quiet and peaceful way. relaxed, away from the big crowds typical of summer.

You will be able to rediscover the landscapes of the park, now dressed in fallen leaves in shades of red, brown, and yellow, more relaxed to enjoy the sound of the waterfalls and the animals that populate the surrounding area.

Waterfalls with abundant flow

Due to the usual heavy rains at this time of year, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent waterfalls of strong and abundant water flow that performs an incredible scenario, worthy to appreciate and photograph.

We recommend that at this time of year you visit the well-known Arado Waterfall or Leonte Waterfall really close to Portela do Homem and get to know a different scenario from the one you already know.

Take the opportunity to discover new trails

You can discover the Peneda Gerês National Park by taking one of the marked trails along the park. By taking a trail at this time of year, you have the opportunity to get to know some typical mountain villages, landscapes with different colors from those you are used to seeing in summer and you can do it without feeling the stifling heat of summer.

We recommend that you take a walk in the Mata de Albergaria to discover the landscapes with typical winter colors. This is a very popular area during the summer, which has led the Peneda Gerês National Park to take measures to ensure that the natural heritage remains protected. At this time of year, Mata de Albergaria is still just as beautiful, but you can visit it without large crowds.

You can also get to know Gerês in an authentic and different way by choosing one of Tobogã E-Bike tours. We have tours for all tastes and abilities! You can choose the Standard Tour with about 3 hours, our tour in Serra Amarela with about 5 hours or experience a complete crossing Peneda Gerês National Park in 2 two where you will know the touristic points of the park.

If you are tired of spending your autumn weekends at home, you can visit Peneda Gerês National Park and book now an E-Bike tour with the Tobogã. You can also like our Facebook page and see the opinions of our customers on TripAdvisor.


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