Discover a different way to practice Yoga: SUP YOGA

For Yoga lovers, SUP Yoga (stand up paddle yoga) is a different and very fun way to practice the activity in full contact with nature. SUP Yoga combines an outdoor activity, in contact with water and the practice of Yoga as we know it. If you are looking for a new activity for your holidays in Portugal, SUP Yoga is an experience that allows you to reduce stress, bringing with it a great feeling of well-being.

SUP Yoga is nothing more than the practice of yoga positions on a paddle board, that are generally wider and therefore provide more stability for the practice of this activity. It is recommended to practice SUP Yoga in less windy areas with calm waters such as swimming pools, low-flowing rivers, or lakes.

What is the difference between practicing yoga in water or on land?

When Yoga positions are done on a stand-up paddle board, the activity requires some adaptation. Because it is done outdoors and is in constant movement as the board floats in the water, SUP Yoga requires more strength, balance and attention to each movement that is made. This new challenge results in the improvement of the technique and a new way of exercising some muscles that in normal Yoga would not be possible Furthermore, the fact that it is an outdoor activity, you will be in pure contact with nature, surrounded by an idyllic landscape, making Yoga an even more calm and relaxing experience.

Both the Yoga activity and the stand-up paddle experience have several health benefits for those who practice it. The two activities combined result in a very rich experience for the body and mind.

Here are some of the benefits of SUP Yoga:

   1. Contact with nature

By practicing this activity you will inevitably be in contact with nature. The fact that it is an outdoor experience allows you to enjoy the idyllic landscapes around you, feel the breezes, the waves and breathe the fresh air as you dive into a deep meditation in contact with the water. You may also have contact with some animals which will make the experience even more unique.

   2. Connection with ourselves

Contact with nature provides moments of connection with ourselves in a calm and relaxing environment. SUP Yoga requires more attention and concentration in the execution of movements to maintain balance on the board, naturally forcing us to connect with the moment, engaging in deep meditation, not allowing the mind to start wandering

   3. A new experience

With SUP Yoga you have the advantage of experiencing two activities in one. For those who are already used to these activities individually, you could escape the monotony and have a new experience, practicing both at the same time. For those who enjoy Yoga and water activities, this will be an experience you will want to repeat.

   4. Great for the body and mind

It is beneficial for health because when practicing Yoga positions on an unstable platform like a moving board, this activity improves balance and strengthens the body as it will exert more force on the muscles to maintain the desired positions. If you practice regularly, your body will feel stronger and more toned, and you will feel more and more invigorated. On the other hand, the fact of doing it outdoors, brings with it a feeling of goodness, being in contact with natural elements such as sun, water, and breezes.

Regarding the equipment, we advise practical clothing and boards suitable for stand-up paddle activities. You will need a stable and relatively spacious board for better execution of the positions. Tobogã has paddle boards of several sizes from Red Paddle Co, the world's leading brand of inflatable SUP boards that feature great rigidity and stability. You can choose individual boards or boards for groups that because they are wider, end up providing more stability. Close to our facilities is the River Lima, in the heart of the Peneda Gerês National Park, whose surroundings are characterized by the beautiful landscape and the calm and relaxing environment.

If you are interested in SUP Yoga, you can rent one of our boards for an experience of one or two hours. Do not hesitate to contact us.

You can look at our gallery to see photos of the latest SUP Yoga initiative we had in partnership. Moments recorded by: @marinho__________

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