The three best trails in Gerês

With the arrival of spring, the Peneda Gerês National Park becomes especially attractive for those who enjoy outdoor experiences in contact with nature. Gerês has, in its thrust, idyllic landscapes, lagoons and waterfalls of pure and crystalline water that are worth getting to know. One of the most interesting ways to explore Gerês is through the trails already traced by former hikers.

These trails are commonly done by walking. However, Tobogã – Portugal Adventure Tours has E-MT Bikes available so you can enjoy this experience with the maximum possible comfort. Our E-Bikes make this tour a pure leisure experience, going further, faster, with the maximum level of comfort and quality.

In this article, we present three trails that we consider essential for you to enjoy Peneda Gerês National Park:


1- Trail of the 7 lakes of Gerês


The trail of the 7 lakes starts in the village of Xertelo, a typical mountain village, and is approximately 10-12km long. You can choose to do the circular trail or the same round-trip route. It is an easy to moderate level trail, as it is mostly done on a dirt road, with only a few small climbs. We advise the use of GPS, since the route is not signposted.

Along the entire trail, you have an breathtaking view of the mountains that make this landscape unique. The trail will take you to the 7 lakes of Gerês, where the Cabril river forms a sequence of natural lagoons with crystal clear water, which make this place one of the most refreshing places after the walking trail.

To enjoy these lakes, we recommend to visit during Spring-Summer so that you can refresh yourself after the journey to the site. However, if you prefer a quieter environment, we recommend going during sunny autumn or winter days.


2- The Miradouros Trail


If you are a lover of viewpoints and open views, this trail is for you! This trail contains in its itinerary three emblematic viewpoints of the Peneda Gerês National Park, and for that reason, it is rich in beautiful panoramic landscapes of the Gerês river valley and the caniçada dam. The viewpoint trail is a circular route, with about 10km and a medium/high difficulty, starting in Vilar da Veiga, in Terras de Bouro.

As it is designed along beautiful viewpoints, the Miradouros Trail naturally has a large, accumulated elevation that could make its execution difficult. Expect uneven ground and some demanding climbs. It is a trail with few shadows, so it is not recommended in the height of summer, on very hot days.

You will pass by the Junceda viewpoint, the highest of the three, where you can see the Serra do Gerês and the Caniçada dam. Then, after 3km, you will pass by the Boneca Viewpoint, which overlooks the Gerês valley, and further on, after another 3km, you will find the last viewpoint: the Fraga Negra Viewpoint, which has another perspective on the Gerês valley

Once again, it is advisable to use the GPS route, as you can find poorly marked areas.


3- Pitões das Junias Trail


This is the ideal trail for people who are not so physically prepared, who are starting on mountain trails or looking for family activities in Gerês, since it is a trail with only 4 km.

It starts in Montalegre,  in Pitões das Junias Village  and along the trail you will get to know the main points of interest in Pitões das Junias: Santa Maria das Junias Monastery and the imposing Pitões das Junias waterfall.

You can get involved in the mystique of the monastery, and in all the surrounding nature and landscape. You will pass through dirt roads until you find the walkways that give access to a small viewpoint that overlooks the Pitões das Júnias Waterfall with 30 meters high. The route can be done throughout the year, however it is always advisable to do it during periods of mild weather.


In addition to these three trails, the Peneda Gerês National Park is rich in walking routes and for that reason you can find the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Although Tobogã – Portugal Adventure Tours does not organize walking tours, we have a variety of electric mountain bike tours available, which can be carried out with a guide or independently with access to GPS and assistance from our team, and which include many of the places mentioned in this article. In addition, we will be able to adjust the routes to your liking so that you get the best out of this adventure in Gerês.

In order to avoid any accidents, whenever you adventure yourself on a trail in the Peneda Gerês National Park, you should previously research information that all the preparation you need, such as: the type of route, level of difficulty, signage, emergency contacts, inherent rules to the place where you are going to do the route and make sure you are wearing clothes and shoes suitable for your practice.


If you want more information about this type of tour, talk to us and book your adventure now.


This article was developed under the QualMinho@PME Project, funded by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and EU FEDER

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