Ecotourism in Gerês: How Outdoor Activities in Gerês Contribute to Environmental Conservation

Peneda-Gerês National Park, in Portugal, is a natural treasure that enchants visitors with its stunning landscapes and unique biodiversity.

In addition to being a place of incomparable beauty, Gerês also stands out as an ecotourism destination, where adventure activities play a crucial role in environmental conservation.

In this article, we explore how outdoor experiences and activities, in contact with nature, in the only national park, value the preservation of this unique environment.


In contact with nature: The Basis of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is based on appreciation and respect for the environment, promoting activities that minimize the negative impact on nature. Gerês offers visitors the opportunity to deeply connect with nature.

By participating in adventure activities such as hiking or cycling tours, SUP experiences or canyoning, you not only experience the beauty of Gerês, you also develop a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation.

A very important point is the choice of activities and companies in Gerês that support and practice activities that promote ecotourism.


Environmental Awareness: Educate to Preserve

Ecotourism activities in Gerês play a crucial role in raising environmental awareness. Expert guides not only led participants through trails and adventures, but also shared information about the flora, fauna and conservation efforts in the region.

This environmental education creates awareness about the importance of preservation and encourages sustainable practices among tourists.


Sustainable Development: Support Local Communities

Local communities are those that best preserve the region's biodiversity and therefore support for these communities – which are often in remote locations – becomes important to help with environmental conservation.

Ecotourism in Gerês benefits both visitors and people who live in the region. Companies that offer adventure activities are often part of the lives of local residents, promoting sustainable development. This partnership not only creates employment opportunities, but also promotes pride in and preservation of local cultural traditions.


Biodiversity Conservation: An Ongoing Commitment

Outdoor adventure activities in Gerês are designed to minimize environmental impact and preserve biodiversity.

Companies that have local guides and experience ensure that participants follow the appropriate trails and gorges, avoiding safe areas.

In addition, many of the region's remote areas are used for conservation and research projects, helping to protect local species and their habitats.


Sustainable Practices: A Path to the Future

Anyone visiting places like the Peneda Gerês National Park must be committed to sustainable practices, and ecotourism activities are a reflection of this commitment.

Companies such as Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours adopt eco-friendly measures, from the use of quality and sustainable equipment to the responsible management of the natural resources that the park offers for the development of activities.

Know more on how Tobogã – Portugal Adventure Tours promote sustainability practices in Gerês


Choosing conscious adventure experiences in Gerês means supporting sustainable practices and contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Ecotourism in Gerês is not just another way of getting to know the region, but a way of actively contributing to environmental preservation. By choosing mindful adventure activities and companies committed to sustainable practices, visitors play a vital role in protecting this natural paradise for future generations.


Explore Gerês in a Sustainable Way with Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours


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Committed to environmental conservation, we ensure that each adventure is an opportunity to appreciate and preserve the natural beauty of Gerês.

Explore Gerês in a sustainable and unforgettable way with Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours.

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