What you should have in mind when planning your Gerês trip

Peneda-Gerês National Park, better known as Gerês, is one of the most stunning destinations for ecotourism in Portugal. Located in the north of Portugal, Gerês is the only protected area in Portugal and is a paradise for nature lovers, offering a variety of stunning landscapes, lush wildlife and a rich cultural heritage.

However, to visit it you must be prepared, not only in geographical knowledge, but also in the various ways to make the most of this region, especially if you cannot visit so often.

In this article, we will guide you through the various things you should take into account when creating your ecotourism itinerary in Gerês, ensuring an unforgettable experience full of adventure.

Choice of Activities

Before you start planning your itinerary, decide which ecotourism activities you want to include in your adventures in Gerês. Some popular options include a canyoning descent and here you must choose your tour operators carefully, as it is an outdoor and water activity that must be done with greater safety, stand-up paddleboarding tours in lakes surrounded by the serenity of nature and explore the different trails spread across Gerês by electric bike.

Select Destinations and Points of Interest

Gerês is vast and diverse, so it is important to select the destinations and points of interest that best align with your preferences and interests.

Consider visiting impressive waterfalls, such as Cascata do Tahiti, or Fecha das Barjas, and Cascata do Arado, or explore the trails of Mata da Albergaria and the landscapes of Vale do Rio Homem. The small villages of Soajo and the castle of Lindoso are also mandatory stops due to their disadvantages that are maintained through traditional gastronomy, the architecture of small typical mountain houses and culture and tradition

Preparation of the Itinerary

With the activities and destinations chosen, it’s time to create your itinerary.

Pay attention to logistics, such as the opening hours of activities and the distance between locations. If you have enough time, make sure you enjoy each experience and include periods of rest to enjoy the landscape and recharge your batteries.

Have sustainable practices

Ecotourism in Gerês is more than exploring nature; It's also about preserving its fauna and flora that we can enjoy for a long time. When planning your itinerary, look for ways to incorporate sustainable practices, such as supporting local tourism or using electric bikes, minimizing waste, and respecting conservation restrictions.

Preparation and Equipment Required

Before starting your adventure, make sure you are prepared. Check the forecast weather and dress appropriately, including comfortable shoes and sunscreen. Even in summer, flip-flops or comfort flip-flops are not the most suitable footwear for the winding trails you will encounter. If you participate in specific activities, such as canyoning or stand up paddle boarding, make sure you have the necessary equipment or that the tour operator has effective equipment to keep you safe.


With a carefully planned itinerary in Gerês, you are ready to embark on a unique and enriching adventure. When exploring this magnificent national park, always remember to respect nature, leaving only footprints and taking away precious memories of a truly unforgettable experience.


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