Discover Gerês: Why you should choose outdoor activities

If you are passionate about adventures and looking for unforgettable experiences, the Peneda-Gerês National Park, in Portugal, is the ideal destination. This protected area offers a variety of outdoor activities that not only provide exciting moments with family and friends, but also bring significant benefits to your health and well-being. In this article, we will explore the main reasons to practice outdoor activities in Gerês.


Connection with Nature: Recharge your Energy

Gerês is a true natural oasis, full of stunning landscapes, serene lakes and challenging trails. When practicing outdoor activities, such as hiking, E-bike rides or something more adventurous like canyoning, the connection with nature is instantaneous. Being outdoors in contact with nature provides an invigorating escape from daily routines, recharging your energy and improving your state of mind.


Benefits for Physical and Mental Health: Excel at every step

Venturing into outdoor physical activities in Gerês is not only a challenge, but it is also an effective way to maintain good health. Regularly practicing activities such as canyoning and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) in Gerês strengthens muscles and improves cardiovascular resistance. Furthermore, exposure to nature has proven benefits for mental health, reducing stress and increasing happiness levels.


Discover New Landscapes

Gerês offers a variety of outdoor activities to suit all fitness levels and preferences. Whether exploring challenging trails, descending exciting canyons along the various rivers and waterfalls in Gerês or sliding on boards over the calm waters in a Stand Up Paddle activity in Gerês, there is always a unique adventure waiting for you. Each experience is an opportunity to discover new landscapes and create lasting memories.


Strengthen ties with Friends and Family: Adventures in Company

Outdoor activities in Gerês are an excellent way to strengthen bonds with friends and family. Sharing adventures, overcoming challenges and enjoying nature together creates memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you decide to go on an E-bike trail, explore rivers and dams during a SUP tour or go down river tributaries with various waterfalls and natural pools on a canyoning adventure, experiences with family or friends strengthen relationships.

Furthermore, due to the diversity of activities and conditions of tour operators, you can enjoy outdoor activities with children.


Sustainability: Enjoy, but preserve the environment

By practicing outdoor activities, we also contribute to preserving the environment. Environmental awareness is fundamental in Gerês, and local companies, such as Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours, are committed to sustainable practices. By choosing outdoor activities, you actively participate in the conservation of these natural areas and boost local tourism, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy the beauty of Gerês.


Discover Gerês with Toboggan - Portugal Adventure Tours!

To experience all these emotions and benefits, Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours offers exciting experiences on E-bikes, with or without a guide, canyoning and SUP in Gerês. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this natural paradise with expert guides and high-quality equipment. Book now and enjoy unique family activities, as Tobogã is able to include children and people with less physical fitness in all activities.

Gerês is more than a destination of natural beauty; it's an invitation to explore, adventure and reconnect with the world around you. Practice outdoor activities, enjoy the benefits for your health and be part of preserving this natural treasure. Discover Gerês with Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours and transform your vacation into an unforgettable experience.

Book your canyoning, E-bike and SUP tour with Tobogã now. You can also like our Facebook page and see our customers' reviews on TripAdvisor.


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