Viewpoints that you should not miss in Gerês

The Peneda Gerês National Park is undoubtedly known as one of the most beautiful and emblematic places in Portugal. It has 4 mountains – Serra do Gerês, Serra Amarela, Serra da Peneda and Serra do Soajo – and is characterized by its immense diversity of fauna and flora, being therefore the only Portuguese protected area classified as a National Park.

The Peneda Gerês National Park is attractive mainly for the nature that composes it, the imposing mountains, the exuberant landscapes with a panoramic view over the park and for its water courses that were waterfalls and lagoons of pure and crystalline water that delight anyone visit them during the summer. Throughout the park we can find several viewpoints that give a privileged view of the landscape that makes up the park. You will find viewpoints that are easily accessible and others that require a walk to access. In this article we will describe the most beautiful viewpoints that you cannot miss in Gerês:

1. Pedra Bela Viewpoint

This is perhaps the best-known viewpoint in Gerês and a must-stop. It is located in Terras de Bouro, at about 800 meters of altitude and has a privileged and panoramic view over the caniçada reservoir, the bridges of the broth river and the mountains around it, composing a landscape of exuberant beauty. It is easily accessible by car.

2. Tibo viewpoint

Located at an altitude of 800 meters, in Arcos de Valdevez, the viewpoint offers one of the most beautiful views over the Peneda mountain range and the Laboreiro valley. Here you can see the village of Tibo and in the distance the Sanctuary of Peneda. This is an excellent place to watch birds of prey and enjoy all the surrounding beauty of the park.

3. Fafião Viewpoint

The Fafião viewpoint is in Fafião, a historic village in Cabril, Montalegre. Despite requiring a short walk to access the viewpoint, it is also easily accessible. This viewpoint is located between two granite boulders that can be challenging for those who don't like heights. However, it is well worth it, for the imposing landscape to which this viewpoint gives access. You will have a privileged view of the mountains and valleys of Gerês, the Salamonde dam and Fojo do Lobo – a stone structure used as traps for wolves.

4. Ermida Viewpoint

This viewpoint is located in Ponte da Barca, at the top of the village of Ermida. You will have a privileged view of the two deep valleys: the valley of the Ribeira do Carcerelha and to the right the valley of the river Froufe.

This viewpoint is easily accessible by car. However, for a more authentic experience, we have available our electric mountain bikes so that you can climb mountains easily and comfortably and enjoy all the surrounding nature. Our mountain E-Bikes make this tour a pure leisure experience going further, faster with the highest level of comfort and quality.

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This article was developed under the QualMinho@PME Project, funded by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and EU FEDER

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