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Nature and Adventure activities, despite the inherent adrenaline, bring a mix of emotions that give us a sense of challenge and the desire to experiment. Whenever we plan any activity of this kind, whether canyoning or electric mountain bike tours, we think if we are capable or if we have the physical abilities (and courage) to do it.

Although canyoning is one of those activities that arouses a variety of emotions, it remains the ideal adventure for those who enjoy unique and challenging experiences and want to know in depth the wonderful landscapes and waterfalls lost in the Peneda Gerês National Park, especially in summer.

Due to the wide variety of rope manoeuvres, heights and the risk associated with river activities and rough terrain, canyoning appears to be a demanding and difficult to adapt activity. But be wrong! Each of the routes has its special characteristics that bring with it a certain degree of demand. However, given the variety of routes in the north of Portugal, it is possible to choose easier or more difficult rivers, which can be adapted to the special characteristics of each group.

At Tobogã – Portugal Adventure Tours, we have the possibility to adapt our canyoning tour to make it more accessible to the characteristics and difficulties of each group, changing rope maneuvers and distances so that the canyoning experience becomes pleasant for each of the elements.

In addition, we are prepared to provide canyoning and e-bike experiences to people with special characteristics, such as the blind, the deaf and people with slight physical and mental limitations. In addition, we have a website adapted to make the booking experience as pleasant and easy as possible.

In order for this unique experience to be accessible to everyone, it is essential to choose a team of guides capable of providing an activity adapted to the group, adjusting the various factors of complexity inherent to the route (rope manoeuvres, ease of access, duration, level water, etc.), not detracting from the true essence of canyoning.

Currently, Tobogã – Portugal Adventure Tours has been organizing for about 12 years an annual event of adapted sports, promoting a special activity for special young users of APPACDM (Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Disabled Citizen).

Contact us and book your accessible tourism adventure now! If you have any questions, you can send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call +351 915 707 938

Canyoning Desporto Adaptado
Geres Toboga Desporto Adaptado
Toboga Canyonin Turismo Acessivel
Toboga Canyonin Turismo Adaptavel
Toboga Desporto Adaptado Porto
Turismo Acessivel Geres Canyoning


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