5 things you need to know before canyoning

If you’re about to go on a canyoning adventure and you’re one of those persons who likes to be well informed and know what you’re getting into, then you probably have many questions and doubts. Here will be a list of 5 things we think will help you get more relaxed before you go on this amazing adventure that is canyoning!

But before, what is canyoning? 

Canyoning, also known as canyoneering or gorge walking, is an adventurous activity where you go down a river gorge or canyon using a wide range of technics that can involve scrambling, abseiling/rappelling, swimming, rope maneuvers and jumping.


5 things you want to know before canyoning


1. Wetsuit – it needs to be tight

If you’ve never done canyoning before, it’s possible that you might have never even used a wetsuit before, so when you first get one you’ll be tempted to choose a wetsuit that is saggy, since it might feel more comfortable to wear. But you really want the wetsuit to be tight, otherwise you’ll have lots of water seeping in and you’ll be feeling cold all the way down the canyon. The wetsuit primary function is to protect you from the cold, and for that it needs to be tight to your body.

2. Wear shoes that will give you good grip, but feel comfortable destroying

If you’re going canyoning, you’ll be walking in pretty rugged places that will have your shoes take a lot of beating, get soaked wet, and even dirty from all the mud you’ll be stepping down the canyon. Most people feel tempted and are advised to wear the cheapest or the oldest shoes they can get, but here we advise against. More important than not ruining a good pair of shoes is your security and well-being. Old and cheap shoes have lousy soles, and you can bet you’ll need the grip they don’t offer while canyoning. So, take shoes that offer a good grip in wet surfaces, you’ll feel more confident along the way, and you’ll minimize the chances of injury. Here at Tobogã we offer only the best shoes available in the market to our customers, because we value peace of mind and safety more than anything.

3. Bad swimmer, or can’t swim at all? No problem.

Yes, most times canyoning will involve water, and many times a lot of it, as you’ll be having to jump or abseil down to pools or cross them. Don’t stress, if you skipped swimming lessons or you just never really got to learn how to do it, that’s not a problem. Remember the wetsuit you just got? It floats, and it works as a buoyancy aid, so you’ll be fine.

4. It might take a while, so get some snacks

A canyoning experience can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if it is a long canyon, and all that jumping, walking, abseiling and even maintaining body heat, will have your energy reserves burn down fast. That’s why taking a snack with you can be a game changer, helping you get those sugar levels up and that motivation constant. You’ll see that everyone’s eyes will lighten up when you stop in that really nice place in the middle of the canyon to grab a cereal bar and have a chat with your friends. At Tobogã our guides always take a snack for our guests. They love it, and so do we!

5. Keep an open mind

 Hey, have fun! That’s the point, so don’t be thinking too much about everything, and enjoy your trip. It’s not every day that you get to experience such a wonderful adventure filled with action in the most beautiful places! Take that jump, slide down that rope, be as rad as you’ve never thought you could be, but always listen to the safety advice from your guide.

If you want to have the best canyoning experience book now a canyoning adventure with Tobogã. You can also like our Facebook page and check our reviews on TripAdvisor.

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