Family activities to do in Gerês

Peneda Gerês National Park is the unique Portuguese protected area classified as a national park and has increasingly been the choice of families to spend their holidays in contact with nature, surrounded by stunning waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes.

Although Gerês is the perfect destination to relax, it is also a good opportunity to visit the park and spend a fun family vacation. Sometimes choosing an activity for the whole family is a challenge, but we have good suggestions that suits everyone.


Stand Up Paddle

The Stand-Up Paddle is a unique experience that allows you to relax and enjoy the river landscapes at your own pace without much difficulty. It is an activity that anyone can try as it does not require any experience.

As it is easy to learn and accessible to everyone, it is a great activity for families with children, so you can enjoy a water experience in a different way. Furthermore, the Stand-Up Paddle does not need specialized guides.

At Tobogã you will find all the material you need to practice this activity: vest, paddles and boards. For a family activity, we have available the Dragon board for a joint experience for up to 4 people or a Ride XL board, 5 meters long and about 1.50 meters wide, is ideal for families up to 8 people.

For a family activity in Gerês, the Stand-Up Paddle can be a great option. Get to know more here.



Another very fun water activity in Gerês is the canyoning. For those who are still unaware of this activity, please read the article “Outdoor Sports: What is Canyoning?” and watch our video.

The canyoning tour in the Peneda Gerês National Park will allow you to explore the natural beauty of the Portuguese canyons, where you can see huge mountains, beautiful waterfalls that form crystal clear lakes and untouched forests full of wildlife. You will get to know places that would otherwise be impossible to access.

Despite being known as an extreme activity, a canyoning experience with a Tobogã is quite accessible for people of any age, even children. Find out all the details of canyoning with children here. Our specialized guides adjust the difficulty of the activity to each group, making it easier or with more adrenaline.

If your family is looking for an adventure to do in Peneda Gerês National Park, a canyoning experience with your children may be exactly what you are looking for! Talk to us and book your adventure now!



For families who want to discover the Peneda Gerês National Park in an authentic and effortless way, our Electric Mountain Bike tours in Gerês are the perfect solution.

E-Bikes are ideal for those who are not used to this type of activity daily, since the powerful electric motor helps in moments of greater effort so that you can fully enjoy the landscapes that surround you.

We have a variety of routes for a family activity in Gerês, carefully designed so that you can enjoy the park's beauty to the fullest. You can find in our experiences, one-day or 5-day trails where you can get to know all the main points of the Peneda Gerês National Park, from east to west. We can even customize an itinerary, with a specialized guide to follow, or you can rent our E-Bikes and go enjoy a route at your own pace.

We have all the material you need for your family adventure: a KTM trailer for 2 children as well as e-bikes for children - model KTM E-Bike MACINA MINI 2018 model. This model has a smooth electric motor on a vitamin mountain bike!

We have several route options, let yourself be involved in this unique experience in Portugal.


If you want more information about these activities, contact us and book your adventure now.



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