Tobogã: The perfect choice for your nature experience

If you are planning an unforgettable nature and adventure experience in Portugal, you have probably already come across several options, whether you plan your adventure with a company or alone, the options are varied. But, why should you choose Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours for your E-bike tour in Gerês, canyoning or stand up paddle tour? In this article, we'll explore the reasons why Tobogã stands out as the best choice for discovering the natural beauty of Northern Portugal.


More than 15 Years of Experience in Nature Adventures

Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours has a history of more than 15 years of experience in providing adventures in nature for outdoor lovers and enthusiasts of new experiences. Despite knowing the entire Peneda-Gerês National Park very well, an area classified as a world biosphere heritage by UNESCO, the Tobogã guides are especially familiar with the entire Serra Amarela, which has several canyons and trails of various levels and difficulty to be able to offer a complete experience to those who seek them.


Safety first

Nature and outdoor activities have their challenges and risks, and Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours is committed to reducing these risks as much as possible to ensure the safety of its customers. By relying on an experienced and well-trained team, Tobogã ensures that your adventures are carried out safely and properly, with the necessary knowledge to deal with any unforeseen situation.


Small Groups for Authentic Experiences

We believe that the best way to explore nature is in small groups, allowing for a more intimate and authentic experience. With a guide for a maximum of seven people in canyoning experiences, it is guaranteed that each client receives the necessary attention and that the quality of the experience is preserved.

Despite this, on E-Bike or Stand Up Paddle tours, you have the option of renting the material and deciding to take self-guided tours at your own pace and taste.


Easy booking

In order to facilitate booking and save your time, Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours offers 100% online booking processes, making the whole process quick and free of unnecessary paperwork. The ease of booking allows you to guarantee your place from one day to the next on the incredible adventures offered just a few clicks away.


Local Guides: Authentic Knowledge

Toboggan guides are native to the region and have in-depth knowledge of the best places to explore and activities to do. This authentic knowledge allows clients to have a genuine experience, learning about the local culture and discovering hidden places that are not in the common tourist guides.

The Tobogã Team, Tobogã's canyoning and E-bike guides, is made up of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. Certified by the International Canyoning Academy (ICA), this team undergoes constant rigorous training to ensure that the group has the best possible experience.


Commitment to Sustainability

In addition to offering exciting experiences, Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours is a company committed to sustainability and environmental preservation. They have the certification of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of Alto Minho, showing their commitment to responsible and respectful tourist practices towards the environment and the population that lives in their area of operation.


Inclusive Tourism

The tours offered by Tobogã are, at first glance, impractical for people with physical limitations. However, Tobogã has material and guides that are prepared and trained so that everyone feels included in nature sports. Learn more in this article.


Unforgettable Experiences

You have the opportunity to discover paradisiacal waterfalls, unique natural lagoons and ancient villages on E-bike tours. If you are a seasoned adventurer or just experiencing nature activities for the first time, Tobogã has the right experience for you.


Tobogã - Portugal Adventure Tours stands out as the ideal choice for those looking for adventures in nature in Gerês. The vast experience, local guides and commitment to safety and sustainability make us leaders in adventure tourism in the North of Portugal. Discover the wonders of the region with Tobogã and create unforgettable memories in the natural beauty of the Peneda Gerês National Park.


If you want to have the best canyoning adventure book your canyoning tour with Tobogã now. You can also like our Facebook page and see the opinions of our customers on TripAdvisor.

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