3 reasons why you can’t miss a canyoning experience if your are an adrenaline lover

Canyoning is a nature and adventure experience that combines trekking, swimming, and climbing as you descend a riverbed between mountain valleys. For that reason, it is an exciting and challenging adventure activity that allows you to discover landscapes and waterfalls lost in the mountains.

The practice of canyoning consists of going down canyons, traveling along naturally created water courses, which provide a unique connection with nature. Throughout the activity there will be several obstacles that can be overcome through rope technique such as rappel and slide or through jumps to pools and natural lagoons, which easily awaken the adrenaline and sense of freedom in any practitioner.

Here are 3 reasons why canyoning is an unmissable adventure for adrenaline and nature lovers:

Physical and mental challenge

By itself, canyoning is a challenging activity, both physically and mentally, since the journey over rough terrain and the obstacles that appear throughout the activity can demand the capabilities of each practitioner. The activity that requires some strength and physical endurance (especially for those who lead a group), as well as the ability to overcome fears and mental challenges. Canyoning presents a wide variety of challenges, from jumps from different heights to more technical descents in abseiling from imposing waterfalls and in all these moments the feeling of incapacity and fear can come to the fore, demanding more mental effort.

We recommend that whenever possible, you start your canyoning activity with less demanding rivers – with smaller jumps and easier waterfalls – and as soon as you feel comfortable you can progress to rivers with a higher level of difficulty.

Connection with nature

By practicing this activity in the middle of a valley and mountains, canyoning provides its practitioners with a connection with nature in a unique and intense way.

Exploring unknown and difficult to reach places will make you feel the adrenaline in a different way, enjoying the landscapes in natural and preserved environments. This experience allows you to discover the different landscapes, lagoons and waterfalls of natural beauty, without being surrounded by crowds.

In addition, the practice of canyoning awakens ecological awareness in you, since you are exposed to environments of environmental conservation. The preservation of natural areas is crucial for the safe and sustainable practice of canyoning.

Sense of freedom

The feeling of freedom is another important factor in awakening adrenaline while on a canyoning experience. As it is an activity that involves exploring and overcoming obstacles in remote and untouchable environments, it is normal for practitioners to feel free and connected with nature.

Due to all the surroundings, practitioners are able to disconnect from the daily routine and urban life, allowing them to feel free from obligations and responsibilities while in the canyon. This can provide a sense of relief and relaxation that is difficult to find in other activities.

Although canyoning is a challenging outdoor experience, depending on the chosen canyon, this is an activity that can be practiced by anyone, from beginners to professionals. Each river has different levels of technique and difficulty and this conditions your experience in this activity. Some people want pure adrenaline and will seek to do the river in a way that makes it technically more difficult, while other people can do it more to explore the nature and natural beauty of these places by going down the river using techniques that make it easier. it's safe.

In a canyoning tour with the Tobogã, with the accompaniment of professional and specialized guides, this difficulty of the activity is easily adapted to the taste and abilities of the group, making the river easier for a less experienced group or more difficult for a group that is more comfortable.

If you want to have the best canyoning adventure book your canyoning tour with Tobogã now. You can also like our Facebook page and see the opinions of our customers on TripAdvisor.

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