Canyoning with children`s

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether children`s can also participate in activities and especially in canyoning.

Canyoning in Gerês is a nature and adventure activity where you can go down a riverbed or stream into mountain valleys, jumping into deep crystalline water lagoons, slipping on natural slides and rappelling in beautiful waterfalls. It's a great activity to do with your family! No doubt you will feel the thrill of a water park without the queues, noise and confusion, while experiencing the unique and wild beauty of Peneda Gerês National Park.

Is Canyoning dangerous?

Like all outdoor activities, there is always a minimal risk involved as we find ourselves in the middle of nature, often times wild. Canyons can be more or less dangerous given their volume of water and the strength of their current, among other factors.

However, here in Tobogã, as canyoning professionals, we have been developing our techniques and recommendations specific to the places where we work, thus ensuring the safety of everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, with our certified and quality guides, and with the best equipment available on the market. In addition, we always adapt the activity to the group presented to us to minimize exposure to dangers and maximize fun.

How old can you start?

There is no official and legal minimum age requirement to experience canyoning, as it depends greatly on the canyon where it happens. Here at Tobogã we always adapt the activity according to the age and abilities of the group, but we have, however, a minimum weight and height stipulated that correspond to 25kg and 120cm respectively.

Bringing children into a group does not mean that it will no longer be challenging for adults, or even the most adventurous. There are several ways to overcome obstacles, such as jumps into deep pools and waterfall abseils, and the guide should always present alternatives that can be more challenging or more comfortable.


If your family is looking for some outdoor activity to do in Peneda Gerês National Park, a canyoning experience with your children may be just what you are looking for! Contact us and book now your next adventure!

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