3 Fun Outdoor Activities to do in Gerês National Park

Gerês is a beautiful place by itself. imagine if you could enjoy idyllic landscapes, endless mountains and fresh air while you’re doing a fun activity in Peneda Gerês National Park? We’re showing you 3 easy to organize and shareable activities that adapt to anyone!


Like we’ve explained in our previous article “What is Canyoning” , Canyoning is an adventurous activity where you go down a river gorge or canyon using a wide range of technics that can involve scrambling, abseiling/rappelling, swimming, rope maneuvers and jumping (optional).

You will feel constant adrenaline with this experience while truly taking in the natural beauty of our Peneda Gerês National Park. You’ll progressively get to know the river and its splendor, with outstanding waterfalls and crystal clear water. If your concern is safety, all these activities have specialized companies working to guarantee that you will have the best experience. If you are interested, contact us and book now.


The best river in Peneda Gerês National Park for your first canyoning experience is undoubtedly “rio Carcerelha”, since it offers a wide variety of maneuvers, from jumping to deep pools, to nice abseils and slides, at the same time having clean and easy access points. However, if you are someone a bit more experienced in canyoning and want to try something harder or simply different, we can offer different routes that will match better your skill level. For that all you need is to contact us.

An important component of offering a good, hassle free canyoning experience is transportation. Tobogã offers a pickup and drop off service at your hotel or chosen address, so you won’t be needing to use your own vehicle. If you wish to have transportation you should mention it in our contact forms.


Another top outdoor activity that will show you the heart of Peneda Gerês National Park is biking. But surely when you think of mountain biking, you imagine hard steep trails that will take the breath out of you. We believe it doesn’t have to be like that, and for that reason we have chosen to ride only with the best electric bikes in the market, which will allow you to manage the intensity you will want to pedal along the trail.

There are several trails you can choose according to interest points and difficulty level. From the standard tour which is around 25 km in Serra Amarela, to a two days trail to Santiago de Compostela. We have something for everyone. To check in detail all our options, check our tour guide by clicking here.

Stand Up Paddle

An outdoor activity that we advise you to do in Peneda Gerês National Park if you are looking for a softer experience is Stand Up Paddle. With Tobogã you can rent different types of boards and have a unique experience that shares water and nature.

As it is an easy activity to learn and suitable for everyone, it will not be necessary to be accompanied by a guide, which will give you the opportunity to design your route, giving you complete freedom to explore the river by yourself.

We have smaller boards available for an individual experience, boards for a joint activity of up to 4 people or a board for families and groups of up to 8 people, ideal for the little ones to accompany the whole family.

So there is no shortage of outdoor activities to do in Peneda Gerês National Park. Contact us and book now your next adventure!


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