• experience for all ages
    experience for all ages we have done our best to provide the best canyoning tour experience suitable for all levels
  • amazing group tours
    amazing group tours explore nature with your small group tours with an expert local company and specialized canyoning guides. book now & run wild !!
  • experience Dogs on Sports !!!
    experience Dogs on Sports !!! have a different day in your family and take the dog with you… have a new experience !!!
  • Discover Portugal natural wonders
    Discover Portugal natural wonders Our world is so full of wonders. Our canyoning tours experiences take you to amazing natural places...
  • learn a new activity together
    learn a new activity together running out of date ideas? you are still going on dates, right? Even long-term relationships need to go on a date occasionally ;-)

Guias profissionais, equipamento topo de gama, botas específicas ... serviço de excelência!

Professional guides, high quality canyoning equipment, specific boots ... service excellence!

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